About me

...How would I describe myself? Well, I'm a big TCG fan, archivist and hobbyist. Before I ran this, I ran sites on Piczo...I really miss that site! I had a Pokémon "game" using it where you clicked them; now it's lost forever! Oh, well. Maybe one day I'll make another.

You can find more about me on my parent site here, Artemisia.quest.

In my spare time, I create things. Creating sites is fun! I decided to run a couple of sites (not enitrely complete, but still) and this is one of them.

Why Lee? ʚ♡⃛ɞ(ू•ᴗ•ू❁)

I've been a fan of Tekken since I was a kid. My friends each had their mains, and mine was Lee. Not sure what made me choose him originally, but I stuck with him ever since. I actually played T3 before any other game and it was on a demo disc. So...I actually played Eddie and Ling Xiaoyu when I first started! When T5 came out, I bought it for PS2. It's one of my most-played games on it! It was also where I was introduced to Lee (since I had only played 3 previously)!

My main reasons for liking him are that he's the self-assured-but-insecure type that I love writing myself and he's hot. Husbando shit and all that. Him along with Leon (RE4) and Raiden (MGS2) were my favourites!

This site

This is actually inspired by various past Lee and Tekken fansites. I want to go in-depth into them, but for the meantime I'll link them on my links page.

There used to be so many of sites like this around that were built on passion. Since there was no central place for people to meet and talk about fandoms (forums weren't universal to everyone), people would talk and send in fanfics etc to fansites. It was really fun without the puritanical discourse you see on mainstream media now.

Oh, and it was pretty funny/entertaining to read random thoughts that people had on their sites. It felt free and since there wasn't really an "audience" for these sites, they weren't looking for validation (unlike on Social media now). It still happened, but it was far less prevalent and were normally contained in chat boxes!